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What is relationship life coaching?

Relationship life coaching is a specialization that is solution-focused, helping people find greater fulfillment in their personal relationships.
Relationship life coaching helps you:
  • set relationship goals
  • understand your current partnership
  • uncover the essence of what you want out of a partnership
  • thrive inside your relationship 
  • get around painful issues
  • grieve a lost loved-one
  • grow family unity and mutual cooperation 
  • grow friendships
Most of all relationship life coaching will provide a safe environment in which you can explore and grow. As a result it takes healthy people and makes them high performing.

What sorts of people have a relationship life coach?

From my experience every type of individual will come to me for coaching. People who come for coaching have in common the desire to change part of their life so they are happier, and the realization that they will stay focused and get there quicker with the support of a coach.

How does relationship life coaching work?

Relationship life coaching works because it focuses you on exactly what you want to achieve and gets you there faster. We go through life constantly busy ‘doing things’, but very rarely do we stop and consider our future, and where we want to be. By using a Life Coach you are able to do just that, with the aid of a coach who is 100% dedicated to you and your future. They will listen, encourage, support and motivate you. The relationship life coach is able to keep you focused and, through their experience and expertise.  You will be able to identify options available to you, that you may not have ever considered. 

Can a relationship life coach help my marriage?

Relationship Life Coaching clarifies relationship issues---separating what we can control with what we cannot. It brings the bright light of awareness into the hidden corners of resentment, fear and avoidance.
Marriages often benefit from relationship life coaching. Yet each marriage has its' own unique set of difficulties. Therefore it’s impossible to guarantee whether or not a marriage will grow stronger through the process of coaching.

Can a relationship life coach help me keep my family together?

Relationship life coaches are able to help families get around painful issues, but it doesn't promise to "keep families together." Relationship life coaching brings a family's problems out into the light, where they can be considered openly.
Families often benefit from relationship coaching. Yet each family is a unique set of people, each of who has their own concerns. Therefore it’s impossible to guarantee whether or not a family will grow closer through the process of coaching.

Is relationship life coaching the same as "couples therapy", “family counseling” or “psychotherapy”?

Relationship life coaching is not "couples therapy", “family counseling” or “psychotherapy”. If you're having relationship troubles, a coach might help you clear up your thinking, get some perspective, or set inspiring new goals. However, in the case of problems with debilitating mental illness, a psychotherapist would be recommended.